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Abstract: Spin is fundamental in physics. Gravitation is universal. Searches for therole of spin in gravitation dated before the firm establishment of the electronspin in 1925. Since mass and spin or helicity in the case of zero mass are theonly invariants of the Poincare group and mass participates in universalgravitation, these searches are natural steps to pursue. Here we review boththe theoretical and experimental efforts in searching for the role ofspin-polarization in gravitation. We discuss torsion, Poincare gauge theories,teleparallel theories, metric-affine connection theories and pseudoscalaraxion theories. We discuss laboratory searches for electron and nucleusspin-couplings - the weak equivalence principle experiments forpolarized-bodies, the finite-range spin-coupling experiments, the spin-spincoupling experiments and the cosmic-spin coupling experiments. The role playedby angular momentum and rotation is explicitly discussed. We discussastrophysical and cosmological searches for photon polarization coupling.Investigation in the implications and interrelations of equivalence principlesled to a possible pseudoscalar or vector interaction, and led to the proposalof WEP II Weak Equivalence Principle II which include rotation in theuniversal free-fall motion. Evidences for WEP II are discussed and compiled.

Autor: Wei-Tou Ni



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