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Abstract: Euclid is a proposed high-precision survey mission to map the geometry of theDark Universe with demonstrated feasibility. Euclid-s Visible - Near-InfraRedimaging and spectroscopy of the extragalactic sky will further produceextensive legacy science to the boundaries of the visible universe. The missionis optimised for two primary cosmological probes: Weak gravitational LensingWL and Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations BAO. Euclid-s wide survey will cover20,000 deg2, measuring shapes and redshifts of galaxies to redshift 2. For weaklensing, Euclid will measure the shape of over 2 billion galaxies with adensity of 30-40 resolved galaxies per arcmin2 in one broad visible R+I+Z band550-920 nm down to AB mag 24.5 10sigma. The photometric redshifts for thesegalaxies are derived from three additional Euclid NIR bands Y,J,H in the range0.92-2.0 micron reaching AB mag 24 5sigma in each, complemented byphotometry from ground based surveys. The BAO are determined from a NIRspectroscopic survey with a redshift accuracy of dz-1+z =0.001. The baselinepayload consists of a Korsch telescope with a primary mirror of 1.2 m diameterand is designed to provide a large field of view 0.5 deg2 to three scientificinstruments: 1 VIS: a CCD based optical imaging channel, 2 NIP: a NIRimaging photometry channel, and 3 NIS: a NIR spectrometric channel. Thisreport presents an overview of the assessment study phase of the Euclidcandidate M-class Cosmic Vision mission; it will provide a description of theEuclid science objectives, the mission implementation and payload, and theenvisaged data handling.

Autor: R. Laureijs, et al. Euclid Science Study Team


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