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Abstract: We study Hartle-Hawking-like states of quantum field theories onasymptotically AdS black hole backgrounds, with particular regard to the phasestructure of interacting theories. By a suitable analytic continuation we showthat the equilibrium dynamics of field theories on large asymptotically AdSblack holes can be related to the low temperature states of the same fieldtheory on the AdS soliton or pure AdS background. This allows us to gaininsight into Hartle-Hawking-like states on large-radius Schwarzschild- orrotating-AdS black holes. Furthermore, we exploit the AdS-CFT correspondence toexplore the physics of strongly coupled large N theories on asymptotically AdSblack holes. In particular, we exhibit a plausibly complete set of phases forthe M2-brane world-volume superconformal field theory on a BTZ black holebackground. Our analysis partially resolves puzzles previously raised inconnection with Hawking radiation on large AdS black holes.

Author: Veronika E Hubeny, Donald Marolf, Mukund Rangamani

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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