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Abstract: I review recent lattice results in kaon physics, particularly in thedetermination of V {us} and the B K parameter of K^0-\bar{K}^0 mixing. I uselattice data to argue for the need of developing SU2 L \times SU2 R chiralperturbation theory for kaon physics and discuss some recent progress inachieving this. In particular it is shown that for K {\ell 3} decays at q^2=0where q is the momentum transfer between the kaon and the pion, the chirallogarithms can be calculated in spite of the fact that the external pioncarries half the energy of the kaon in the kaon-s rest frame, because theselogarithms arise from soft internal loops. Future prospects, includingapplications to K\to\pi\pi decays are discussed. The need to define and exploitrenormalization schemes which can simultaneously be implemented numerically inlattice simulations and used in higher-order perturbative calculations isexplained.

Author: C T Sachrajda

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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