XiangshaLiujunzi decoction alleviates the symptoms of functional dyspepsia by regulating brain–gut axis and production of neuropeptidesReport as inadecuate

XiangshaLiujunzi decoction alleviates the symptoms of functional dyspepsia by regulating brain–gut axis and production of neuropeptides - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

, 15:387

First Online: 27 October 2015Received: 19 January 2015Accepted: 13 October 2015


BackgroundChinese medicine xiangshaliujunzi decoction XSLJZD plays a key role in treating functional dyspepsia FD, a common clinical gastrointestinal disorder. However, the mechanism of this disease is unclear. Brain–gut axis regulates food intake behaviour, and this regulatory mechanism is mediated by neuropeptides. Brain–gut axis impairment and neuropeptide alteration may be the pathological mechanisms of FD, and brain–gut axis regulation may influence the action of medicine.

MethodsIn our experiment, the effect of XSLJZD on FD was evaluated in terms of food intake, sucrose preference test and electromyogram. Changes in neuropeptides ghrelin, cholecystokinin CCK and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide VIP were detected through immunohistochemistry, real-time PCR and ELISA.

ResultsXSLJZD increased food intake and the percentage of sucrose preference >75 %. However, the response to gastric detention decreased. Furthermore, XSLJZD increased ghrelin, CCK, VIP proteins and genes in the stomach. XSLJZD also increased ghrelin, CCK and VIP proteins in serum. By contrast, XSLJZD decreased the mRNA expression of these neuropeptides in the hypothalamus.

ConclusionsXSLJZD alleviated the symptoms of FD by upregulating the production of ghrelin, CCK and VIP and by increasing the levels of these neuropeptides in circulation. This finding can help elucidate the mechanism of FD and can provide further insight into the pharmacokinetics of XSLJZD.

KeywordsXiangshaliujunzi decoction Functional dyspepsia Brain–gut axis Brain-gut peptide AbbreviationsXSLJZDXiangsha Liujunzi decoction

FDFunctional dyspepsia


VIPVasoactive intestinal polypeptide

GITGastrointestinal tract

CNSCentral nervous system

ENSEnteric nervous system

SPSucrose preference


MODMean integrated optical density

ARCArcuate nucleus

Jing Liu, Xu-Dong Tang and Jie Ma contributed equally to this work.

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Author: Jing Liu - Feng Li - Xu-Dong Tang - Jie Ma - Xin Ma - Dong-Yu Ge - Gen-Mao Li - Yong Wang

Source: https://link.springer.com/

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