UDECON: deconvolution optimization software for restoring high-resolution records from pass-through paleomagnetic measurementsReport as inadecuate

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Earth, Planets and Space

, 67:183



The rapid accumulation of continuous paleomagnetic and rock magnetic records acquired from pass-through measurements on superconducting rock magnetometers SRM has greatly contributed to our understanding of the paleomagnetic field and paleo-environment. Pass-through measurements are inevitably smoothed and altered by the convolution effect of SRM sensor response, and deconvolution is needed to restore high-resolution paleomagnetic and environmental signals. Although various deconvolution algorithms have been developed, the lack of easy-to-use software has hindered the practical application of deconvolution. Here, we present standalone graphical software UDECON as a convenient tool to perform optimized deconvolution for pass-through paleomagnetic measurements using the algorithm recently developed by Oda and Xuan Geochem Geophys Geosyst 15:3907–3924, 2014. With the preparation of a format file, UDECON can directly read pass-through paleomagnetic measurement files collected at different laboratories. After the SRM sensor response is determined and loaded to the software, optimized deconvolution can be conducted using two different approaches i.e. -Grid search- and -Simplex method- with adjustable initial values or ranges for smoothness, corrections of sample length, and shifts in measurement position. UDECON provides a suite of tools to view conveniently and check various types of original measurement and deconvolution data. Multiple steps of measurement and-or deconvolution data can be compared simultaneously to check the consistency and to guide further deconvolution optimization. Deconvolved data together with the loaded original measurement and SRM sensor response data can be saved and reloaded for further treatment in UDECON. Users can also export the optimized deconvolution data to a text file for analysis in other software.

KeywordsU-channel sample Superconducting rock magnetometer Sensor response Paleomagnetism Deconvolution Software AbbreviationsABICAkaike’s Bayesian Information Criterion

GUIGraphical User Interface

GUIDEGraphical User Interface Design Environment

IODPInternational Ocean Discovery Program

ODPOcean Drilling Program

SQUIDsuperconducting quantum interference device

SRMsuperconducting rock magnetometer

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Author: Chuang Xuan - Hirokuni Oda

Source: https://link.springer.com/

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