Decay widths of the spin-2 partners of the X3872Report as inadecuate

Decay widths of the spin-2 partners of the X3872 - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

The European Physical Journal C

, 75:547

First Online: 24 November 2015Received: 27 August 2015Accepted: 22 October 2015


We consider the X3872 resonance as a \J^\mathrm{{PC}}=1^{++}\\D\bar{D}^*\ hadronic molecule. According to heavy quark spin symmetry, there will exist a partner with quantum numbers \2^{++}\, \X {2}\, which would be a \D^*\bar{D}^*\ loosely bound state. The \X {2}\ is expected to decay dominantly into \D\bar{D}\, \D\bar{D}^*\ and \\bar{D} D^*\ in d-wave. In this work, we calculate the decay widths of the \X {2}\ resonance into the above channels, as well as those of its bottom partner, \X {b2}\, the mass of which comes from assuming heavy flavor symmetry for the contact terms. We find partial widths of the \X {2}\ and \X {b2}\ of the order of a few MeV. Finally, we also study the radiative \X 2 ightarrow D\bar{D}^{*}\gamma \ and \X {b2} ightarrow \bar{B} B^{*}\gamma \ decays. These decay modes are more sensitive to the long-distance structure of the resonances and to the \D\bar{D}^{*}\ or \B\bar{B}^{*}\ final state interaction.

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Author: Miguel Albaladejo - Feng-Kun Guo - Carlos Hidalgo-Duque - Juan Nieves - Manuel Pavón Valderrama


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