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Abstract: Aegaeon Saturn LIII, S-2008 S1 is a small satellite of Saturn that orbitswithin a bright arc of material near the inner edge of Saturn-s G ring. Thisobject was observed in 21 images with Cassini-s Narrow-Angle Camera betweenJune 15 DOY 166, 2007 and February 20 DOY 51, 2009. If Aegaeon has similarsurface scattering properties as other nearby small Saturnian satellitesPallene, Methone and Anthe, then its diameter is approximately 500 m. Orbitmodels based on numerical integrations of the full equations of motion showthat Aegaeon-s orbital motion is strongly influenced by multiple resonanceswith Mimas. In particular, like the G-ring arc it inhabits, Aegaeon is trappedin the 7:6 corotation eccentricity resonance with Mimas. Aegaeon, Anthe andMethone therefore form a distinctive class of objects in the Saturn system:small moons in co-rotation eccentricity resonances with Mimas associated witharcs of debris. Comparisons among these different ring-arc systems reveal thatAegaeon-s orbit is closer to the exact resonance than Anthe-s and Methone-sorbits are. This could indicate that Aegaeon has undergone significant orbitalevolution via its interactions with the other objects in its arc, which wouldbe consistent with the evidence that Aegaeon-s mass is much smaller relative tothe total mass in its arc than Anthe-s and Methone-s masses are.

Autor: M.M. Hedman, N.J. Cooper, C.D.Murray, K. Beurle, M.W. Evans, M.S. Tiscareno, J. A. Burns


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