Evaluation of intestinal tuberculosis by multi-slice computed tomography enterographyReport as inadecuate

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BMC Infectious Diseases

, 15:577

First Online: 22 December 2015Received: 08 February 2015Accepted: 14 December 2015


BackgroundMulti-slice computed tomography enterography MSCTE is now widely used to diagnose and monitor intestinal disease. Preliminary studies suggest that MSCTE may be useful in detecting intestinal tuberculosis ITB. We sought to assess the use of MSCTE for the diagnosis of ITB in our medical center.

MethodsIn this retrospective study, 15 patients 11 males and 4 females, 6 to 65 years old were enrolled and diagnosed with ITB by MSCTE. Diagnosis were confirmed by pathology or clinical criteria. Two experienced abdominal radiologists evaluated the images and defined the location, number, shape, edge, surrounding tissue alterations of ITB and other associated changes in the peritoneum, mesentery and solid abdominal organs.

ResultsThe interval between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis varied from 20 days to 10 years. The most common symptom was abdominal pain 80 %. The ileocecum was the most common site affected by ITB 87 %. Morphological MSCTE findings were variable and included multi-segmental symmetric intestinal mural thickening found in 6 patients 40 %, solid masses found in 9 patients 60 %, and enlarged lymph nodes LNs found in 13 87 % patients. Non-enhancing central necrosis and rim enhancement were noted in 10 patients 67 %.

ConclusionsCharacteristic MSCTE findings of ITB include solid mass or multi-segmental symmetric mural thickening involving the ileocecal area and rim enhanced LNs. Knowledge of these features in combination with a high index of suspicion can be useful in early diagnosis of ITB.

KeywordsTuberculosis Intestine Tomography Spiral computed AbbreviationsAFBacid-fast bacilli

CDcrohn’s disease

ITBintestinal tuberculosis

LNslymph nodes

MRImagnetic resonance imaging

MREmagnetic resonance enterography

MSCTEmultimulti-slice computed tomography enterography

PPDpurified protein derivative

PTBpulmonary tuberculosis

Jing Zhao and Min-Yi Cui contributed equally to this work.

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Author: Jing Zhao - Min-Yi Cui - Tao Chan - Ren Mao - Yanji Luo - Indira Barua - Minhu Chen - Zi-Ping Li - Shi-Ting Feng

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