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Abstract: Small neutrino masses and their large mixing angles can be generated at theTeV scale by augmenting the Standard Model with an additional generationdependent, anomaly-free U1 {nu} symmetry, in the presence of threeright-handed neutrinos. The Z- gauge boson associated with the breaking of theU1 {nu} symmetry can be produced at the LHC. The flavorful nature of the Z-can be established by measuring its non-universal couplings to the chargedleptons as determined by the lepton-s U1 {nu} charges, which also govern theneutrino flavor structure. While the LHC has the potential of discovering theZ- up to M {Z-} = 4.5 TeV with 100 fb^-1 data at the center of mass energysqrt{s} = 14 TeV, to establish the flavorful nature of the Z- requires muchhigher integrated luminosity. For our bench mark parameters that are consistentwith neutrino oscillation data, at sqrt{s} = 14 TeV, a 5 sigma distinctionbetween the dielectron and dimuon channels for M {Z-} = 3 TeV requires 500fb^-1 of data. We find that the forward backward asymmetry distributions canalso be useful in distinguishing the dielectron and dimuon channels in the lowinvariant mass and transverse momentum regions.

Autor: Mu-Chun Chen, Jinrui Huang

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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