Non-geometric orbifolds and wrapping rulesReport as inadecuate

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Journal of High Energy Physics

, 2014:170

First Online: 29 September 2014Received: 29 July 2014Accepted: 09 September 2014 Abstract

We show that the number of half-supersymmetric p-branes in the Type II theories compactified on orbifolds is determined by the wrapping rules recently introduced, provided that one accounts correctly for both geometric and non-geometric T-dual configurations. Starting from the Type II theories compactified on K3, we analyze their toroidal dimensional reductions, showing how the resulting half-supersymmetric p-branes satisfy the wrapping rules only by taking into account all the possible higher-dimensional origins. We then consider Type II theories compactified on the orbifold T-ℤ2 × ℤ2, whose massless four-dimensional theory is an \ \mathcal{N} \ = 2 supergravity. Again, the wrapping rules are obeyed only if one includes the complete orbit of the T-duality group, namely either Type IIA or Type IIB theories compactified on either the geometric or the non-geometric T-dual orbifold. Finally, we comment on the interpretation of our results in the framework of the duality between the Heterotic string compactified on K3 × T and the Type II string compactified on a Calabi-Yau threefold.

Keywordsp-branes Superstrings and Heterotic Strings String Duality ArXiv ePrint: 1407.5576

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Author: Gianfranco Pradisi - Fabio Riccioni


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