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Abstract: A simple explanation of the flavor hierarchies can arise if matter fieldsinteract with a conformal sector and different generations have differentanomalous dimensions under the CFT. However, in the original study by Nelsonand Strassler many supersymmetric models of this type were considered to be-incalculable- because the R-charges were not sufficiently constrained by thesuperpotential. We point out that nearly all such models are calculable withthe use of a-maximization. Utilizing this, we construct the simplestvector-like flavor models and discuss their viability. A significant constrainton these models comes from requiring that the visible gauge couplings remainperturbative throughout the conformal window needed to generate thehierarchies. However, we find that there is a small class of simple flavormodels that can evade this bound.

Author: David Poland, David Simmons-Duffin


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