Uplifting the baryonic branch: a test for backreacting anti-D3-branesReport as inadecuate

Uplifting the baryonic branch: a test for backreacting anti-D3-branes - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Journal of High Energy Physics

, 2014:34

First Online: 07 November 2014Received: 30 May 2014Accepted: 20 October 2014 Abstract

Placing D3 or anti-D3-branes at the tip of the Klebanov-Strassler background results in uplifting the baryonic branch of the moduli space of the dual field theory. In this paper we derive a mass formula for the scalar particle associated with the motion along the baryonic branch, from both open and closed string points of view. We show that both methods give the same mass at linear order in number of antiD3-branes, thus providing a comprehensive check for the recently found linearized supergravity solution describing backreacting anti-D3-branes at the tip.

KeywordsSupersymmetry Breaking AdS-CFT Correspondence ArXiv ePrint: 1310.0015

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Author: Anatoly Dymarsky - Stefano Massai

Source: https://link.springer.com/

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