The mitochondrial genome of Protostrongylus rufescens – implications for population and systematic studiesReport as inadecuate

The mitochondrial genome of Protostrongylus rufescens – implications for population and systematic studies - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Parasites and Vectors

, 6:263

First Online: 12 September 2013Received: 15 August 2013Accepted: 28 August 2013


BackgroundProtostrongylus rufescens is a metastrongyloid nematode of small ruminants, such as sheep and goats, causing protostrongylosis. In spite of its importance, the ecology and epidemiology of this parasite are not entirely understood. In addition, genetic data are scant for P. rufescens and related metastrongyloids.

MethodsThe mt genome was amplified from a single adult worm of P. rufescens from sheep by long-PCR, sequenced using 454-technology and annotated using bioinformatic tools. Amino acid sequences inferred from individual genes of the mt genomes were concatenated and subjected to phylogenetic analysis using Bayesian inference.

ResultsThe circular mitochondrial genome was 13,619 bp in length and contained two ribosomal RNA, 12 protein-coding and 22 transfer RNA genes, consistent with nematodes of the order Strongylida for which mt genomes have been determined. Phylogenetic analysis of the concatenated amino acid sequence data for the 12 mt proteins showed that P. rufescens was closely related to Aelurostrongylus abstrusus, Angiostrongylus vasorum, Angiostrongylus cantonensis and Angiostrongylus costaricensis.

ConclusionsThe mt genome determined herein provides a source of markers for future investigations of P. rufescens. Molecular tools, employing such mt markers, are likely to find applicability in studies of the population biology of this parasite and the systematics of lungworms.

KeywordsProtostrongylus Nematoda: Strongylida Lungworm Protostrongylosis Sheep Mitochondrial genome Systematics Epidemiology Abbreviationsatp6Adenosine triphosphatase subunit 6

coxCytochrome c subunit

cytbCytochrome b subunit

ITS-2Second internal transcribed spacer


nadNicotinamide dehydrogenase subunit

ORFOpen reading frame

rDNANuclear ribosomal DNA

rrnLRibosomal large subunit

rrnSRibosomal small subunit

tRNATransfer RNA.

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Author: Abdul Jabbar - Namitha Mohandas - Aaron R Jex - Robin B Gasser



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