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Abstract: A first study of critical behavior in the vicinity of the chiral phasetransition of 2+1-flavor QCD is presented. We analyze the quark mass andvolume dependence of the chiral condensate and chiral susceptibilities in QCDwith two degenerate light quark masses and a strange quark. The strange quarkmass m s is chosen close to its physical value; the two degenerate lightquark masses m l are varied in a wide range 1-80 \le m l-m s \le 2-5, wherethe smallest light quark mass value corresponds to a pseudo-scalar Goldstonemass of about 75 MeV. All calculations are performed with staggered fermions onlattices with temporal extent Nt=4. We show that numerical results areconsistent with ON scaling in the chiral limit. We find that in the region ofphysical light quark mass values, m l-m s \simeq 1-20, the temperature andquark mass dependence of the chiral condensate is already dominated byuniversal properties of QCD that are encoded in the scaling function for thechiral order parameter, the magnetic equation of state. We also provideevidence for the influence of thermal fluctuations of Goldstone modes on thechiral condensate at finite temperature. At temperatures below, but close tothe chiral phase transition at vanishing quark mass, this leads to acharacteristic dependence of the light quark chiral condensate on the squareroot of the light quark mass.

Author: S. Ejiri, F. Karsch, E. Laermann, C. Miao, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, C. Schmidt, W. Soeldner, W. Unger

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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