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Abstract: The classical sine-Gordon model is a two-dimensional integrable field theory,with particle like solutions the so-called solitons. Using its integrabilityone can define its quantum version without the process of canonicalquantization. This bootstrap method uses the fundamental propterties of themodel and its quantum features in order to restrict the structure of thescattering matrix as far as possible. The classical model can be extended withintegrable discontinuities, purely transmitting jump-defects. Then the quantumversion of the extended model can be determined via the bootstrap method again.But the outcoming quantum theory contains the so-called CDD uncertainity. Theaim of this article is to carry throw the semiclassical approximation in boththe classical and the quantum side of the defect sine-Gordon theory. The CDDambiguity can be restricted by comparing the two results. The relation betweenthe classical and quantum parameters as well as the resoncances appeared in thespectrum are other objectives.

Author: Frigyes Nemes


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