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Abstract: The neutrino self-energy is calculated in a weakly magnetized plasma consistsof electrons, protons, neutrons and their anti-particles and using this we havecalculated the neutrino effective potential up to order $M^{-4} W$. In theabsence of magnetic field it reduces to the known result. We have alsocalculated explicitly the effective potentials for different backgrounds whichmay be helpful in different environments. By considering the mixing of threeactive neutrinos in the medium with the magnetic field we have derived thesurvival and conversion probabilities of neutrinos from one flavor to anotherand also the resonance condition is derived. As an application of the above, weconsidered the dense and relativistic plasma of the Gamma-Ray Bursts fireballthrough which neutrinos of 5-30 MeV can propagate and depending on the fireballparameters they may oscillate resonantly or non-resonantly from one flavor toanother. These MeV neutrinos are produced due to stellar collapse or mergerevents which trigger the Gamma-Ray Burst. The fireball itself also produces MeVneutrinos due to electron positron annihilation, inverse beta decay andnucleonic bremsstrahlung. Using the three neutrino mixing and considering thebest fit values of the neutrino parameters, we found that electron neutrinosare hard to oscillate to another flavors. On the other hand, the muon neutrinosand the tau neutrinos oscillate with equal probability to one another, whichdepends on the neutrino energy, temperature and size of the fireball.Comparison of oscillation probabilities with and without magnetic field showsthat, they depend on the neutrino energy and also on the size of the fireball.By using the resonance condition, we have also estimated the resonance lengthof the propagating neutrinos as well as the baryon content of the fireball.

Autor: Sarira Sahu, Nissim Fraija, Yong-Yeon Keum


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