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Abstract: We have obtained a full suite of Spitzer observations to characterize thedebris disk around HR 8799 and to explore how its properties are related to therecently discovered set of three massive planets orbiting the star. Wedistinguish three components to the debris system: 1 warm dust T ~150 Korbiting within the innermost planet; 2 a broad zone of cold dust T ~45 Kwith a sharp inner edge, orbiting just outside the outermost planet andpresumably sculpted by it; and 3 a dramatic halo of small grains originatingin the cold dust component. The high level of dynamical activity implied bythis halo may arise due to enhanced gravitational stirring by the massiveplanets. The relatively young age of HR 8799 places it in an important earlystage of development and may provide some help in understanding the interactionof planets and planetary debris, an important process in the evolution of ourown solar system.

Author: K. Y. L. Su, G. H. Rieke, K. R. Stapelfeldt, R. Malhotra, G. Bryden, P. S. Smith, K. A. Misselt, A. Moro-Martin, J. P. Williams


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