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Abstract: We construct a four-parameter family of smooth, horizonless, stationarysolutions of ungauged five-dimensional supergravity by using thefour-dimensional Euclidean Schwarzschild metric as a base space and-magnetizing- its bolt. We then generalize this to a five-parameter familybased upon the Euclidean Kerr-Taub-Bolt. These -running Bolt- solutions arenecessarily non-static. They also have the same charges and mass as anon-extremal black hole with a classically-large horizon area. Moreover, in acertain regime their mass can decrease as their charges increase. The existenceof these solutions supports the idea that the singularities of non-extremalblack holes are resolved by low-mass modes that correct the singularity of theclassical black hole solution on large horizon-sized scales.

Author: Iosif Bena, Stefano Giusto, Clement Ruef, Nicholas P. Warner

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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