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Abstract: Scientists continue to wrestle with the enigma of time. Is time a dynamic ora fundamental property of spacetime? Why does it have an arrow pointing frompast to future? Why are physical laws time-symmetric in a universe with brokentime-reversal symmetry? These questions remain a mystery. The hope has beenthat an understanding of the selection of the initial state for our universewould solve such puzzles, especially that of time-s arrow.In this article, I discuss how the birth of the universe from the multiversehelps to unravel the nature of time and the reasons behind the time-reversalsymmetry of our physical laws. I make the distinction between a local emergingarrow of time in the nucleating universe and the fundamental time with no arrowin the multiverse. The very event of nucleation of the universe from themultiverse breaks time-reversal symmetry, inducing a locally emergent arrow.But, the laws of physics imprinted on this bubble are not processed at birth.Time-reversal symmetry of laws in our universe is inherited from its birth inthe multiverse, since these laws originate from the arrowless multiversal time.

Autor: L.Mersini-Houghton


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