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Abstract: A mobile ad hoc network MANETs is a self-organizing system of mobile nodesthat communicate with each other via wireless links with no fixedinfrastructure or centralized administration such as base station or accesspoints. Nodes in a MANETs operate both as host as well as routers to forwardpackets for each other in a multihop fashion. For many applications in wirelessnetworks, multicasting is an important and frequent communication service. Bymulticasting, since a single message can be delivered to multiple receiverssimultaneously. It greatly reduces the transmission cost when sending the samepacket to multiple recipients.The security issue of MANETs in group communications is even more challengingbecause of involvement of multiple senders and multiple receivers. At that timeof multicasting, mobile ad hoc network are unprotected by the attacks ofmalicious nodes because of vulnerabilities of routing protocols. Some of theattacks are Rushing attack, Blackhole attack, Sybil attack, Neighbor attack andJellyfish attack.This paper is based on Rushing attack. In Rushing attack, the attackerexploits the duplicate suppression mechanism by quickly forwarding routediscovery packets in order to gain access to the forwarding group and this willaffect the Average Attack Success Rate.In this paper, the goal is to measure the impact of Rushing attack and theirnode positions which affect the performance metrics of Average Attack SuccessRate with respect to three scenarios: near sender, near receiver and anywherewithin the network. The performance of the Attack Success Rate with respect toabove three scenarios is also compared.

Autor: V. Palanisamy, P. Annadurai


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