Ligand substitution reactions of a phenolic quinolyl hydrazone; oxidovanadium IV complexesReport as inadecuate

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, 5:47

Inorganic Chemistry


BackgroundQuinoline ring has therapeutic and biological activities. Quinolyl hydrazones constitute a class of excellent chelating agents. Recently, the physiological and biological activities of quinolyl hydrazones arise from their tendency to form metal chelates with transition metal ions. In this context, we have aimed to study the competency effect of a phenolic quinolyl hydrazone H2L; primary ligand with some auxiliary ligands Tmen, Phen or Oxine; secondary ligands towards oxidovanadium IV ions.

ResultsMono- and binuclear oxidovanadium IV - complexes were obtained from the reaction of a phenolic quinolyl hydrazone with oxidovanadium IV- ion in absence and presence of N,N,N-,N- tetramethylethylenediamine Tmen, 1,10-phenanthroline Phen or 8-hydroxyquinoline Oxine. The phenolic quinolyl hydrazone ligand behaves as monobasic bidentate NO- donor with O- bridging. All the obtained complexes have the preferable octahedral geometry except the oxinato complex 2 which has a square pyramid geometry with no axial interaction; the only homoleptic complex in this study.

ConclusionThe ligand exchange substitution-replacement reactions reflect the strong competency power of the auxiliary aromatic ligands Phen-Oxine compared to the phenolic quinolyl hydrazone H2L towards oxidovanadium IV ion; complexes 2 and 3 . By contrast, in case of the more flexible aliphatic competitor Tmen, an adduct was obtained 4 . The obtained complexes reflect the strength of the ligand field towards the oxidovanadium IV- ion; Oxine or Phen >> phenolic hydrazone H2L > Tmen.

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Author: Hussein S Seleem - Marwa A Mousa


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