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Abstract: We present radio timing measurements of six rotating radio transient RRATsources discovered in the Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey. These provide fournew phase-connected timing solutions and two updated ones, making a total ofseven of the original 11 reported RRATs now with high-precision rotational andastrometric parameters. Three of these seven RRATs have magnetic fields greaterthan 10^13 G, with spin-down properties similar to those of the magnetars andX-ray detected isolated neutron stars. Another two of these RRATs have longperiods and large characteristic ages, and lie near the `death-line- for radiopulsar emission. The remaining two RRATs with timing solutions have propertiestypical of the bulk of the pulsar population. The new solutions offer insightsinto what might be responsible for the unusual emission properties. Wedemonstrate that the RRATs have significantly longer periods and highermagnetic fields than normal radio pulsars, and find no correlation with otherspin-down parameters. These solutions also provide precise positions, whichwill facilitate follow-up studies at high energies, crucial for relating thesesources with other neutron star populations.

Author: M. A. McLaughlin, A. G. Lyne, E. F. Keane, M. Kramer, J. J. Miller, D. R. Lorimer, R. N. Manchester, F. Camilo, I. H. Stairs

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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