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Abstract: Galaxy interactions are a common phenomenon in clusters of galaxies.Especially major mergers are of particular importance, because they can changethe morphological type of galaxies. They have an impact on the mass function ofgalaxies and they trigger star formation - the main driver of the GalacticMatter Cycle. Therefore, we conducted a study of major mergers by means of amulti-phase ISM code. This code is based on a TREE-SPH-code combined with asticky particle method allowing for star formation controlled by the propertiesof a multi-phase ISM. This is in contrast to the usually implemented Schmidtlaw depending mainly on the gas density. Previously, this code was used onisolated galaxies. Since our star formation recipe is not restricted to aspecial type of galaxy, it is interesting to apply it to interacting galaxies,too. Our study on major mergers includes a research of global properties of theinteracting system, namely the star formation rate and the star formationefficiency, the evaporation and condensation rates, as well as the massexchange of distinct components, namely stars, diffuse ISM, and clouds.Investigating these properties provides insight to interrelations betweenvarious physical processes. The results indicate that the star formationefficiency as well as the evaporation and condensation rates are influenced bythe interaction.

Author: J. Weniger, Ch. Theis, S. Harfst

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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