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Abstract: The collective properties of different quasiparticles in various graphenebased structures in high magnetic field have been studied. We predictBose-Einstein condensation BEC and superfluidity of 2D spatially indirectmagnetoexcitons in two-layer graphene. The superfluid density and thetemperature of the Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition are shown to beincreasing functions of the excitonic density but decreasing functions ofmagnetic field and the interlayer separation. The instability of the groundstate of the interacting 2D indirect magnetoexcitons in a slab of superlatticewith alternating electron and hole graphene layers GLs is established. Thestable system of indirect 2D magnetobiexcitons, consisting of pair of indirectexcitons with opposite dipole moments, is considered in graphene superlattice.The superfluid density and the temperature of the Kosterlitz-Thouless phasetransition for magnetobiexcitons in graphene superlattice are obtained.Besides, the BEC of excitonic polaritons in GL embedded in a semiconductormicrocavity in high magnetic field is predicted. While superfluid phase in thismagnetoexciton polariton system is absent due to vanishing ofmagnetoexciton-magnetoexciton interaction in a single layer in the limit ofhigh magnetic field, the critical temperature of BEC formation is calculated.The essential property of magnetoexcitonic systems based on graphene incontrast, e.g., to a quantum well is stronger influence of magnetic field andweaker influence of disorder. Observation of the BEC and superfluidity of 2Dquasiparticles in graphene in high magnetic field would be interestingconfirmation of the phenomena we have described.

Author: Oleg L. Berman, Roman Ya. Kezerashvili, Yurii E. Lozovik


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