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Abstract: In this thesis we initiate a systematic study of branes inWess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten models with Lie supergroup target space. We start byshowing that a branes- worldvolume is a twisted superconjugacy class andconstruct the action of the boundary WZNW model. Then we consider symplecticfermions and give a complete description of boundary states including twistedsectors. Further we show that the GL1|1 WZNW model is equivalent tosymplectic fermions plus two scalars. We then consider the GL1|1 boundarytheory. Twisted and untwisted Cardy boundary states are constructed explicitlyand their amplitudes are computed. In the twisted case we find a perturbativeformulation of the model. For this purpose the introduction of an additionalfermionic boundary degree of freedom is necessary. We compute all bulkone-point functions, bulk-boundary two-point functions and boundary three-pointfunctions. Logarithmic singularities appear in bulk-boundary as well as pureboundary correlation functions.Finally we turn to world-sheet and target space supersymmetric models. Thereis N=2 superconformal symmetry in many supercosets and also in certainsupergroups. In the supergroup case we find some branes that preserve thetopological A-twist and some that preserve the B-twist.

Autor: Thomas Creutzig


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