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Standards in Genomic Sciences

, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 315–324

First Online: 31 December 2010


Methanothermus fervidus Stetter 1982 is the type strain of the genus Methanothermus. This hyperthermophilic genus is of a thought to be endemic in Icelandic hot springs. M. fervidus was not only the first characterized organism with a maximal growth temperature 97°C close to the boiling point of water, but also the first archaeon in which a detailed functional analysis of its histone protein was reported and the first one in which the function of 2,3-cyclodiphosphoglycerate in thermoadaptation was characterized. Strain V24S is of interest because of its very low substrate ranges, it grows only on H2 + CO2. This is the first completed genome sequence of the family Methanothermaceae. Here we describe the features of this organism, together with the complete genome sequence and annotation. The 1,243,342 bp long genome with its 1,311 protein-coding and 50 RNA genes is a part of the G enomicE ncyclopedia ofB acteria andA rchaea project.

Keywordshyperthermophile strictly anaerobic motile Gram-positive chemolithoautotroph Methanothermaceae Euryarchaeota GEBA  Download fulltext PDF

Autor: Iain Anderson - Olivier Duplex Ngatchou Djao - Monica Misra - Olga Chertkov - Matt Nolan - Susan Lucas - Alla Lapidus - Ti


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