Penetration Electric Fields and Inner Magnetosphere Dynamics: A Model and Data ComparisonReport as inadecuate

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Significant progress has been made on the analysis of the June, 1991 storm. We have completed the analysis of the CRRES and DMSP data sets. We have been able to follow the evolution during the storm of the inner edge of the electric field patterns in the dusk sector and its relation to electron boundaries, ion boundaries and the ring current. Where

Author: Maynard, Nelson C



NASA-CR- - - _-q ,_ - 207461 Second Penetration electric fields Annual Progress NASW-5036 and inner Report magnetosphere dynamics - A model comparison Nelson Mission C.
Maynard, Research Nashua, New 27 February Covering period from 6 March PI Corporation Hampshire 1998 1997 through 5 March 1998 and data SecondAnnualProgressReport NASW-5036 6 March 1997through5 March 1998 Scientifichighlightsfrom the June1991storm: * All particleandfield boundariesmoveequatorwardduring the initial phaseof the storm Electric field boundarieswerecloseto the inneredgeof the ring currentor at lower L shellsthroughoutthemainandrecoveryphases Electricpotentialsatsubaurorallatitudeswerelargefractionsof the total potentialsin theafternooncell Theequatorwardboundaryof auroralelectronprecipitationmirrored the electricfield boundary,but showeda higherdegreeof variability, partially from inflation fromthe storm-timering current , • • Summary: Significantprogresshasbeenmadeon the analysisof the June,1991storm.
We havecompletedthe analysisof the CRRESandDMSP datasets.
Wehavebeenableto follow the evolutionduringthe stormof the inneredgeof theelectricfield patternsin the dusksectorandits relationto electronboundaries,ion boundariesandthe ring current. Whereasthe CRRESdataprovideradialcutsout throughthe plasmasphere every 10 hours,DMSP providessnapshotseveryorbit of thepotentialandparticle boundaries. Electricfield andenergeticparticlemeasurements from CRRESandion drifts and energeticparticle measurements from DMSPprovidetheprincipal datasets.The combineddatasetprovideshigh resolutiondefinition of the boundarymotionsoverthe phasesof the storm.
L shell differencesbetweenthe DMSP andCRRESparticle boundariesareeasilyexplainedby inflation of thedusksectorby the ring current.
The electric field boundaries of the ring current significant fraction inner edge. attached) Twice has been will be presented submitted DMSP except during prepared data. of June These wit...

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