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NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) 19800024949: Shuttle OFT Level C navigation requirements - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

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Detailed requirements for the orbital operations computer loads, OPS 2, and OPS 8 are given. These requirements represent the total on-orbit-rendezvous navigation baseline requirements for the following principal functions: on-orbital-rendezvous navigation sequencer; on-orbit-rendezvous UPP sequencer; on-orbit rendezvous navigation; on-orbit predic

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79-FM-10 Rev.
2 79FM10 JSC-14713 SHUTTLE PROGRAM SHUTTLE OFT LEVEL C NAVIGATION REQUIREMENTS ONORBIT By Mathematical Physics Branch, JSCj and McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Co. Approved Emil R.
Schiesser, Chief Mathematical Physics Branch Approved: Ronald L.
Berry, Chief Mission Planning and Analys vision Mission Planning and Analysis Division National Aeronautics and Space Administration Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas September 1980 ■ SA 79FM10 CONTENTS Section Page 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1-1 i .
PURPOSE 1-1 1.2 ORGANIZATION AND STRUCTURE 1-B 1.3 THE CHANCE LOG 1-7 2.0 APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS 2-1 3.0 OVERVIEW 3-1 3.1 OPERATIONAL NAVIGATION PROGRAM 3-1 3.2 GN&C SOFTWARE MAJOR FUNCTIONS 3-2 3.3 NAVIGATION SYSTEM OVERVIEW 3-3 3.3*1 Navigation Functions 3-4 3.3.2 Navigation-Related Functions 3-6 3.3.3 General Requirements 3-7 3.3.
Requirements and Assumptions Overview 3-8 3.4 TRACEABILITY 3-18 3-5 OPERATIONAL SEQUENCES AND MAJOR MODES 3-19 3.6 IMPLEMENTATION CONSTRAINTS 3-20 4.0 DETAILED REQUIREMENTS 4-1 4.1 ONORBIT-RENDEZVOUS NAVIGATION SEQUENCER PRINCIPAL FUNCTION 4-2 4.1.1 Sequencing Operations and Major Mode Transitions (ONORBIT-REND-WAV-SEQUENCER) 4-16 4.1.2 Operation Sequence Initialization (0PS-2-0R J3—INIT1ALIZE) 4-28 4.2 ONORBIT-RENDEZVOUS NAVIGATION PRINCIPAL FUNCTION 4-57 4.2.1 Navigation Control (NAV-ONORBIT-RENDEZVOUS) 4-80 4.2.2 Navigation Data Snap 4-92 4.2.3 State and Covariance Matrix Updates 4-100 4.2.4 Position and Velocity State Propagation (ONORB IT- REND-1L.V-STATELPR0P) 4-115 4.2.5 Unmodeled Acceleration State and Covariance Matrix Propagation (REND-BIAS-AND-COILPROP) .
4-155 iii PRECEDING PAGE BLANK NOT FILMED Section Page 4.2.6 Rendezvous Sensor Measurement Selection (REND.SENSOR_ SELECT) 4-185 4.2.7 S ensor Measurement Initialization (REND-NAV-SENSOR-INIT) .
4-193 4.2.8 State and Covariance Measurement Incorporation .
4-203 4.2.9 Measurement Prooessin^ Statistics (MBAS_PROCESSING _ STATISTICS.RE...

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