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A Practical Guide to Microsoft Active Server Pages 3.0 By Manas Tungare www.manastungare.com ACTIVE SERVER PAGES 3.0 About this guide ... This practical guide aims to be a complete programming guide as well as a reference for the serious ASP programmer. It does not assume any prior knowledge of ASP, and starts from the ground up.
The chapters are organized according to the increasing complexity of ASP scripts that you will be writing.
Simple scripts come first, and then the techniques needed for more complex scripts are covered.
This is especially useful for the beginner who is usually inundated by long, boring technical dissertations in the first chapter of any book. Experienced programmers will also find this guide useful, for it contains the following references in one easy-to-locate booklet. VBScript Reference A complete documentation of all VBScript functions with the necessary information for using them.
Ideal for those situations where you know what you want to do, but can't remember the function that will do it for you. SQL Reference This includes complete syntactic specifications of the Structured Query Language, along with examples to demonstrate the use. ADO Reference A guide on ASP cannot miss out this quintessential section.
It gives complete details on most of the objects in the ADO hierarchy. The examples and samples used in this guide can be found on the web at: http:--www.manastungare.com-asp Thanks to Pankaj Kamat for proofreading this document. Copyright © 2000, Manas Tungare. http:--www.manastungare.com- Every effort has been made to ensure correctness & reliability of the information provided, however the author may not be held responsible for any errors that may have crept in. 2 ACTIVE SERVER PAGES 3.0 INTRODUCTION 7 THE NEED FOR ASP SO WHAT IS ASP ? W HAT CAN YOU DO WITH ACTIVE SERVER PAGES? W HAT DO SERVER-SIDE SCRIPTS LOOK LIKE? W HAT YOU NEED TO RUN ASP 7 7 8 8 8 INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICES PERSONAL W EB SERVER BEFORE YOU...

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