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Title: Harper’s Young People, December 9, 1879 An Illustrated Weekly Author: Various Release Date: March 5, 2009 [EBook #28250] Language: English Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1 *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK HARPER’S YOUNG PEOPLE, DEC.
9, 1879 *** Produced by Annie McGuire [Illustration: HARPER’S YOUNG PEOPLE AN ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY.] * * * * * VOL.
PRICE FOUR CENTS. Tuesday, December 9, 1879.
Copyright, 1879, by HARPER & BROTHERS.
$1.50 per Year, in Advance. * * * * * [Illustration: ON THE ICE-HILL.] TWENTY MILES AN HOUR. It was the 6th of January, that great holiday in Russia, when the river Neva is consecrated with pomp and ceremony, when soldiers parade and priests say mass, and the Emperor is visible, and the cannon roar.
And it was a gloriously bright and beautiful day; but Ivan and Olga, looking out on the broad street and the glittering pinnacles of the palace chapel, watching the sledges fly by with people all muffled in furs, were two very disconsolate children.
They had an English governess--for Russian children have to study English as Americans do French--and they had been so unruly, so impatient, and indifferent to lessons, that Miss Stanley had forbidden their going out to see the sights.
This was hard indeed, but it was needful: that the children could not understand, and Wed Apr 05 01:17:23 2017 2 they walked from the great porcelain stove, which reached to the ceiling, over to the double windows, all packed with sand, and having curious little paper cornucopias of salt stuck in it to keep the frost from making pic...

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