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Title: Harper’s Young People, August 31, 1880 An Illustrated Weekly Author: Various Release Date: June 13, 2009 [EBook #29115] Language: English Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1 *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK HARPER’S YOUNG PEOPLE, AUG 31, 1880 *** Produced by Annie McGuire [Illustration: HARPER’S YOUNG PEOPLE AN ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY.] * * * * * VOL.
PRICE FOUR CENTS. Tuesday, August 31, 1880.
Copyright, 1880, by HARPER & BROTHERS.
$1.50 per Year, in Advance. * * * * * [Illustration] CLAUDINE’S DOVES. BY MRS.
LATIMER. A few days since, as I was driving in the Bois de Boulogne with a friend, a slender, sweet young girl was pointed out to me.
She was walking beside her mother, and there was a loving, tender look in her blue eyes, a shrinking modesty in her deportment, which interested me at the first glance.
She was apparently about fifteen.
I observed to the friend who pointed her out to me that she was fair, modest, and pretty. -Yes,- he replied, -and she is the heroine of a very pretty story.- Eight years ago her father and mother occupied an _appartement_, or Wed Apr 05 01:17:03 2017 2 flat, in the Rue de Rivoli.
Part of the Rue de Rivoli has houses only on one side; the other is bordered by a high iron railing with gilt spear-heads, inclosing the Garden of the Tuileries.
At one point (which was nearly opposite the house where Claudine lived) one tall pavilion of the palace abutted on the sidewalk.
The Rue de Rivoli is the most beautiful street in Paris.
The windows of the sitting-room of Claudine’s mother looked over the...


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