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Hopkinson Smith Release Date: December 3, 2007 [EBook #23697] Language: English Character set encoding: ASCII *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK FORTY MINUTES LATE *** Produced by David Widger FORTY MINUTES LATE By F.
Hopkinson Smith 1909 It began to snow half an hour after the train started--a fine-grained, slanting, determined snow that forced its way between the bellows of the vestibules, and deposited itself in mounds of powdered salt all over the platforms and steps.
Even the porter had caught some puffs on his depot coat with the red cape, and so had the conductor, from the way he thrashed his cap on the back of the seat in front of mine.
-Yes, gettin’ worse,- he said in answer to an inquiring lift of my eyebrows. -Everything will be balled up if this keeps on.- -Shall we make the connection at Bondville?- I was to lecture fifty miles from Bondville Junction, and had but half an hour lee-way. If the man with the punch heard, he made no answer.
The least said the soonest mended in crises like this.
If we arrived on time every passenger would grab his bag and bolt out without thanking him or the road, or the engineer who took the full blast of the storm on his chest and cheeks.
If we missed the connection, any former hopeful word would only add another hot coal to everybody’s anger. I fell back on the porter. -Yes’ sir, she’ll be layin’ jes’ ’cross de platform.
She knows we’re comin’.
Sometimes she waits ten minutes--sometimes she don’t; more times I seen her pullin’ out while we was pullin’ in.- Not very reassuring this.
Only one statement wa...

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