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-dirs-1-4-1-3-14134-14134-h.zip) AKBAR, EMPEROR OF INDIA A Picture of Life and Customs from the Sixteenth Century by DR.
RICHARD VON GARBE Rector of the University of Tubingen Translated from the German by Lydia G.
Robinson Reprinted From -The Monist- Of April, 1909 Chicago The Open Court Publishing Company 1909 Mon Apr 03 00:38:18 2017 2 [Illustration: AKBAR DIRECTING THE TYING-UP OF A WILD ELEPHANT. Tempera painting in the _bar Namah_ by Abu’l Fazl.
Photographed from the original in the India Museum for _The Place of Animals in Human Thought_ by the Countess Evelyn Martinengo Cesaresco.] LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. Akbar Directing the Tying-up of a Wild Elephant (Frontispiece) Akbar, Emperor of India Mausoleum of Akbar’s Father, Humyun View of Fathpur Akbar’s Grave Mausoleum of Akbar at Sikandra The Chakra, the Indian Emblem of Empire AKBAR, EMPEROR OF INDIA.[A] The st...

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